A baffle is a device such as a plate, wall, or screen to deflect, check, or impedes someone or something from reaching his or her goal. A maze would be an example of connected baffles (walls) impeding your progress to the exit. A line of trees acting as a windbreak is another kind of baffle. In the case of a squirrel baffle, it's usually a small plate or tube wrapped around a bird feeder pole that keeps the squirrels from getting to the bird seed. Squirrels often eat seeds, the same seed birds love to eat. It is no secret that squirrels are clever enough to climb at poles. These little acrobats-like creatures never miss a chance to invade a bird feeder. Of course, they love to treat themselves with tempting and crunchy birdseeds. Many birdfeeders struggle with squirrels , which disturb the peace you intended to have when purchased the feeder. While there are several other ways to keep them away from your birdfeeder, a squirrel baffle ensures to hamper these naughty creatures from getting inside a bird feeder and damaging your nestling. Since they are eating the same type of seeds, the baffle has to be able to withstand their repeated attempts to get past it. This means it needs to be constructed from a durable material such as metal in order to last more than a few months. Otherwise, the squirrels will eventually chew through it. They are not smart, but they are persistent. Finally, the lowest part of the bird feeder should be higher than the top of the baffle. As long as all these conditions are met, most baffles will work with a high degree of reliability. However, if you skimp on any of these conditions, the squirrels will just laugh at the baffles and keep on going.

Below are the types of squirrel’s baffles:


Pole Guards are a great option to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your bird feeder. The guard fits over the pole, blocking the squirrel from climbing up. Make sure to measure your pole first to make sure it will work. Some smaller diameter poles will not work with this type of squirrel baffle.


Just as it sounds, the cone-shaped baffles are similar to an upside down funnel shape, placed on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders. When squirrels climb the pole and get to the baffle, they can't find any way to get past it. Because it's made of steel, they can't chew through it either. And the powder coat keeps it from rusting. However, if the squirrels are big enough to reach the edges of the baffle, they'll be able to grasp it enough to pull themselves up and over it.


These are mostly clear baffles with a rounded shape and can be used on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders. Squirrels will not be able to access the feeder at all because when they land on the baffle it will tip and they will immediately fall off. The baffle also prevents squirrels from trying to ruin the bird feeder by chewing on it to try and get

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